Greg Speirs created the iconic “Slam Dunking Skullman” skeleton trademark design worn by the 1992 Olympic Men’s Lithuanian basketball team at the Barcelona Summer Olympics on the medal ceremonies podium.

The Original Slam-Dunking Skeleton image became iconic symbol of The Other Dream Team when first seen by the world adorning tie dyed jerseys worn by the Lithuanian Olympic basketball team at the medal ceremonies in the Barcelona 1992 Summer Olympics.

Speirs acquired the status of being the major sponsor of the team by donating 100% of his profits generated from the sales of the “Slam Dunking Skeleton” merchandise to fund the Lithuanian Olympic basketball team’s journey to the Olympics, after their newly found independence and breakaway from the Soviet Union. He donated all further profits realized to Lithuanian children’s charities which amounted to at least over $450,000.00.

Facts about the iconic image:

The Slam Dunking Skullman Skeleton Trademark design that you saw on Tie Dyed jerseys in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and in “The Other Dream Team” Documentary Film was created by New York sports artist Greg Speirs. The artist’s Slam-Dunking Skeleton became a legendary icon for the team and for the country of Lithuania. At the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona the Men’s Lithuanian Olympic Basketball Team stepped up to the podium to receive their bronze medals and wore Speirs’ design for the world to see. The artist’s major part in this story remained in the background with reporters in lieu of the more important names involved until now.The documentary includes a 23 second clip of the artist describing the inspiration behind the shirt as more people begin to learn the whole story.

The meaning behind the image:

“The 1992 Lithuanian Basketball Team represents what happens in freedom, people excel. The struggle of the Lithuanian team struck a chord with me so I decided to come up with an image which I believed represented them. I came up with the Slam Dunking Skeleton because it symbolized a team coming up from nothing and the ashes, and rising up to overcome the obstacles, which are represented by the hands reaching up in the image. Instead of representing death this skeleton represents a new life and rebirth. If you could condense this story down to just one phrase it wouldn’t just be the word Freedom but Freedom and Free Enterprise” – Greg Speirs.